“Lvivskyi Kholodokombinat (Lviv Cold Storage Plant) PJSC is a Ukrainian enterprise with an extensive experience in ice-cream production. Cold delicacies have been produced in Lviv for more than 70 years.”

In 1942 in the suburb of the city Germans built a powerful refrigeratory complex with an area of over 5 thousand square meters. In the refrigerator there were reserve stock: frozen meat, fish and fruits.

After 4 years passed, in 1946 on the basis of refrigerator the ice-cream manufacturing was launched. In these times 40-50 tons of dainties were manufactured per month.

In 1964 near the first refrigerator the new one is constructed, with expected capacity of 10 thousand tons of frozen products. Since the territory of refrigeratory complex was considerably enlarged, it was decided to launch an ice-cream manufacturing factory on its territory. And it was manufactured in a volume of 300 tons of production per month.

During 1995-1996 the enterprise started passing from state to private ownership and that helped enterprise to develop, to create new working places, to increase manufacturing and a range of ice-cream due to incurring more costs.

In 2001 for lowering of cost price an icing in range manufacturing was organized. With the use of this the novelties of the season were ice-cream in fruit, caramel icing and icing with nuts.

In 2004 a modernization at the enterprise was conducted.

After modernization, the quantity of manufactured production is increasing yearly. In 2004 4 000 tons of ice-cream was manufactured, in 2006 – 6 000 tons, in 2008 – 8 000 tons, 2010 - 10 000 tons, 2012 - 12 000 tons. This year enterprise plans to manufacture 13 500 tons of ice-cream. Today Lvivskyi kholodokombinat is one of the five best ice-cream manufacturers of Ukraine. A choice of enterprise is over 150 varieties of products. For example in the Soviet times only four types of ice-cream have been manufacturing at the factory.

Since 2011 the basis for intermediate products manufacturing was created at the factory; namely: dumplings in assortment, ravioli and varenyky in the packed and weight packaging and the paste (yeast, puff).

Since 2013 the choice of intermediate products was enlarged with such novelty as cutlet!

Till winter season of 2013 on the enterprise the frozen mixtures of fruits in assortment were started to produce.

Season of 2014 will amuse our customers with further choice enlargement, new tastes of favourite ice-cream, new packing of separate ice-cream types and also with improved modern packs’ look of ice-cream.


International exhibition «World of ice-cream and coldness 2013»

20-22 of March in Kyiv city 10 international exhibition «World of ice-cream and coldness» took place, where participated over 45 native manufacturers and 12 foreign companies of 138 countries, among which was PC«Lvivskyi kholodokombinat»

On the company exhibition stand, which was acknowledged as one of the best, there were represented over 100 types of ice-cream; represented the direction of dumplings and varenyky of the premium class. On the company exhibition stand active work with potential distributors, suppliers, contractors was conducted dayly. Consumers can receive exhaustive answers concerning manufacturing, selling and marketing.

Daily the tasting of sweet ice-cream CaBaRet was conducted. Consumers and experts of market had the possibility to take delight with refined tastes of CaBaRet mojito, mascarpone with raisins, chocolate cappuccino, pineapple and other. It was a pleasure to receive a lot of approving comments from consumers; we as usually ascertained ourselves that we are working in the correct direction concerning introduction of new ice-cream types.

Within the framework of exhibition the competition on the best ice-cream quality and packing design took place. TM “Limo” became an active participant of the both competition.

Thus, according to the results of competition on the best ice-cream quality TM “Limo” gained 3 golden and 3 silver medals.

ISO certificates

16 of March 2010 PC«Lvivskyi kholodokombinat»ТМ «Limo» received the certificate on the system of quality management DSTU ISO 9001:2009. System of quality management allows clearly determining and managing of mutually-related and mutually-active processes, to put correctly and to achieve measured aims of activity.

26 of April 2011 PC«Lvivskyi kholodokombinat»ТМ «Limo» certified an organized on the enterprise system of safe foodstuffs management according to the demands of international standard ISO 22000:2005.

"Limo" anthem

When among workdays you so want a holiday
And sadly and boring the hours are going,
You need to persuade the mother and farther
And quickly together for ice-cream go off.

Chestnut or slavutych we choose,
Buy, regale, taste, eat.
And like in a tale we are in a flash plunging,
Everyone knows that this tale is called Lomo.

LIMO gives the gladness to the children,
LIMO tastes the best,
LIMO, you are with us in home or in road,
LIMO – we like ice-cream.

I am laying in the shop on the first showcase,
I have just been transported from factory to here.
I am cute, I am cool
And a quality is good.
Buy me, buy me, buy me, buy …

When suddenly in summer made red-hot sun
Burns and is not hiding for a while,
When we open wide window,
And the sun is more and more sizzling.

When among workdays you so want a holiday,
When a free minute you can find in no ways,
When so much troubles gathered,
With LIMO you will chill from excessive problems.

LIMO gives the gladness to the children,
LIMO tastes the best,
LIMO, you are with us in home or in road,
LIMO – we like ice-cream.

I am laying in the deep-freezer in your fridge,
Tasty, natural, without any colouring agents.
Coldness acute, pinching and humiliating.
I’m troubling, worrying, who would like to eat me …

If in your soul sadness is as glow smouldering,
Again we for it are hurrying up.
We can by cold heart warm,
Only LIMO, only LIMO …
Here everyone for taste will find something:
Cone or ice-cream or tasty choc-ice.
Put off all deals, LIMO is entertaining.
When brake we have – we eat LIMO.

LIMO gives the gladness to the children,
LIMO tastes the best,
LIMO we will eat and ask some more,
LIMO – we like ice-cream.

The doors are opening,
At least you are appearing.
Hello, take me away,
Snatch, why are you staying?

I am very appetizing and qualitative and nourishing,
So eat me, I said eat now, so eat, so eat, so eat …

LIMO gives the gladness to the children,
LIMO tastes the best,
LIMO we will eat and ask some more,
LIMO – we like ice-cream.


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