«The widest choice and only of natural components»

Intermediate products

«Varenyky, meat dumplings, ravioli, vegetables mixture, paste»

Vegetable and fruit mixture

Mixes from ТМ "Limo". Benefits of vegetables in any season!

Sweet ice-cream

Unique sweet ice-cream with the large taste choice

Quality product

More and more people want to buy the really good qualitative, natural products. Just for these people we are creating the production of TM “Limo”! For the manufacturing of ice-crams and intermediate products of TM “Limo” we are purchasing only the best raw materials that are undergoing strict incoming control.

Product quality is confirmed with certificates DSTU ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 22000:2005, and also with fairly honoured rewards, which rate the work of our enterprise as high.

Products do not contain GMO.

Only natural milk
Satisfied customers
We like ice-cream!